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Coordinating Working Party on Fishery Statistics (CWP)
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Classifications and Metadata Standards
Methodological standards
 Catch and landing statistics are for many purposes required as very detailed data e.g. broken down by fleet, gear, season and detailed area. The nationality of landings follows the vessel flag state principle as described in Nationality of Catch and... More
 Care should be taken when referring to the NOMINAL CATCH (the live weight equivalent of the landings) as the CATCH, since in many situations the initial catch (the GROSS CATCH) has been reduced by a number of factors. These factors... More
 All countries or areas have official and formal designations. These are often very long and not suitable for use in statistical databases and publications, particularly in tabulations and graphs. These designations are therefore often simplified. For example: United Kingdom (or UK)... More
  The list of countries or areas includes the following descriptors: FAO multilingual country or area code (maximum 12 characters) used for statistical purposes. 3-alpha country or area code by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 2-alpha country... More
 Where statistics is transmitted there is a need for codes and The International Organization for Standardization (ISO), has developed international standard codes for the representation of currencies and funds (ISO 4217). These codes are related to those developed by the... More
 Until recently the development at the international level of harmonised statistics on the number of fishers has been neglected. This is almost certainly due to the fact that, generally speaking, until about 20 years ago there was little effort at... More
 Fish, as a highly perishable commodity, often undergoes treatments which prolong its shelf life and quality as food. Fish is also a very widely traded commodity. When considering statistical aspects related to fish and fish products in the fishery industry... More
  International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishery Commodities (ISSCFC) (in use until 1983) (former ANNEX R.I) International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishery Commodities (ISSCFC) (version August 2017) (former ANNEX R.II)Latest version of SITC classification, SITC Revision 4Latest version of HS... More
 For statistical purposes two main classifications were adopted by the CWP for classifying fishery vessels by tonnage and types: The "International Standard Statistical Classification of Fishery Vessels by GRT Categories" (ISSCFV) -  Annex L. I. based on the Gross Register Tonnage... More
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