Информационная система по разнообразию домашних животных (ИС-РДЖ)

In vivo conservation of animal genetic resources

Year published: 21/09/2017

In vivo conservation encompasses a range of actions that can be taken to ensure

the survival of livestock breeds or populations that are threatened with

extinction. These guidelines address both “in situ” conservation (supporting the

continued use of threatened breeds in the livestock production systems where

they have traditionally been raised) and “ex situ” conservation (maintenance of

populations at sites such as conservation farms and zoos). As well as providing a

wealth of information on breeding strategies for small at-risk populations, the

guidelines provide advice on how to develop an effective and well-targeted

national conservation strategy. They also discuss a number of specific strategies

that can be employed to promote greater self-sustainability in at-risk breeds,

including establishing community-based conservation programmes, promoting

niche marketing and livestock-related cultural activities, and capitalizing on the


use of grazing animals in landscape management and nature conservation.