The e-Agriculture is a global community of practice where people from all over the world come to exchange information, ideas and resources related to the use of ICTs for agriculture.

In this context, a number of activities are carried out such as Capacity Development; Good Practices; Blogs and Webinars. These activities are carried out in conjunction with partners and with the e-Agriculture themes.

Some of the most recent activities are displayed below

Last Webinar


  • Energy Smart Agriculture

    Energy is needed in all steps along the agrifood chain: in the production of crops, fish, livestock and forestry products; in post-harvest operations; in food storage and processing; in food transport and distribution; and in food preparation. Direct energy includes electricity, mechanical power,...
    Posted by Malovi Antony on
  • eLearning Africa: Could ICTs be the Key to Ending Hunger in Africa?

    Education and technology can play an important role in ending hunger and malnutrition in Africa once and for all. That is the view of leading experts in communications technology and food security, who will be attending a special session on malnutrition at this year’s eLearning Africa conference (...
    Posted by Katarina Snak on