The e-Agriculture is a global community of practice where people from all over the world come to exchange information, ideas and resources related to the use of ICTs for agriculture.

In this context, a number of activities are carried out such as Capacity Development; Good Practices; Blogs and Webinars. These activities are carried out in conjunction with partners and with the e-Agriculture themes.

Some of the most recent activities are displayed below

Last Webinar


  • How blockchain can help smallholder farmers

    by Imaran Haider The agricultural business has revolutionized in recent years but still faces multiple handles. The supply chain has been faced with the non-transparent, inefficient and noncommunicating network made up of processes, data, actors, and products. Disconnection and lack of transparency...
    Posted by Imran Haider on
  • The role of technology in Food Sovereignty: Part 1

    by Olaitan Ogunnote & Raimot Adewunmi - Undergraduate Research Assistants, ECV Ontario, SEDRD, University of Guelph Introduction While we might not yet be able to live on our red monochromatic, moon-like planetary counterpart, Mars, we could make our stay on the bright bluish-green Earth with...
    Posted by Olaitan Ogunnote on