The e-Agriculture is a global community of practice where people from all over the world come to exchange information, ideas and resources related to the use of ICTs for agriculture.

In this context, a number of activities are carried out such as Capacity Development; Good Practices; Blogs and Webinars. These activities are carried out in conjunction with partners and with the e-Agriculture themes.

Some of the most recent activities are displayed below

Last Webinar


  • Next-Gen Agriculture Trade in India and Market Galee

    India despite being the second largest agricultural producer in the world has unfortunately been unable to provide a safe and secure future to its farming community. Suicides by farmers due to debt are often norms and forgotten headlines every day. A focus group of 80 farmers in Belgaum by...
    Posted by Akshay Shambharkar on
  • Energy Smart Agriculture

    Energy is needed in all steps along the agrifood chain: in the production of crops, fish, livestock and forestry products; in post-harvest operations; in food storage and processing; in food transport and distribution; and in food preparation. Direct energy includes electricity, mechanical power,...
    Posted by Malovi Antony on