Africa bets on technology to lure youth to farming


Africa bets on technology to lure youth to farming

Thomson Reuters Foundation profiles young farmers who have stayed on the farms despite a drift of young people from farming in Africa.

According to the African Development Bank,  Africa has the world’s youngest population with 60% of its 1.2 billion people under 25. Yet Africa’s young people are off the farms.

There is hope that technology such as mobile telephony – where Africa penetration rates remain high – could be a rallying point to bring young farmers back to the fields. Meanwhile, developed nations turn to robots, blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve agricultural challenges – the mobile remains a simple solution for Africa.

FAO has developed a free app which provides information on weather, market prices for crops and producing and conserving nutritious food.

Read more about how technology is luring back the youth to the farms. 

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