Blockchain in Agriculture: 10 Possible Use Cases


Blockchain in Agriculture: 10 Possible Use Cases

There has been much hype about blockchain and their application in various sectors. In the agricultural domain, e-Agriculture has reported some of these initiatives.

We came across an interesting blog by Sam on Disruptor, and provides interesting use cases of this technology in western and advanced farms.

The technology has been applied in “managing warehouses, silos, and supply chains more intelligently, or utilized in the field as a tool to transmit real-time data about crops and livestock”.

The following use cases are explained in detail,

  1. Overseeing Farm Inventory
  2. Enhancing Agricultural Supply Chains
  3. Modernizing Farm Management Software (FMS)
  4. AgTech IoT Optimization
  5. Fair Pricing
  6. Oversight and Payment of agricultural Subsidies
  7. Community-Sponsored Agriculture
  8. Mobile Remittance for Small Farmers
  9. Incentivizing Sustainable Practices
  10. Greater Accountability for Multinationals

Why not visit the full blog for more information

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