CTA supports drone operations in Benin, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda


CTA supports drone operations in Benin, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania and Rwanda

The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is informing the community that it has established a supporting centre for drone operations in Benin, DRC, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. CTA is partnering with a French Company Airinov in this project.

Drones are also called the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and are used in the management of crops, fisheries, forests and other natural resource-based activities within farming activities. This is possible as drones are equipped with high resolution cameras to facilitate advanced crop research using remote-sensed data . 

Airinov provides technology to enable the mapping of fields and in the project the following services will be offered:-

  • to support tailored experimental field work by offering very precise and reliable statistics based on drone-sensed imagery.
  • flying several times over a season to enable agronomists and researchers to have a dynamic view on their trials and make informed decisions based on reliable data

The table below provides the details on in-country contacts under this project

Country Project Contact
Benin Global Partners Sarl Abdelaziz Lawani, @GBPartners_bj
DRC Initiative Régionale de Documentation et d’Accompagnement Communautaire au Développement (IRDAC)  Barthélemy Boika, @irdac_
Ghana Farmerline Ltd Mr Worlali Senyo, @farmerline 
Ghana Syecomp Business Services Ltd projects@syecomp.com,@Syecomp_ 
Tanzania Agrinfo Company Ltd info@agrinfo.co.tz, @agrinfotz
Tanzania Uhurulabs Ltd Mr Frederick E. Mbuya,@uhurulab
Uganda ESIPPS International Ltd Dr Jane Bemigisha,@esipps


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  2. Airinov website 


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