Drones for Precision Agriculture


Drones for Precision Agriculture

A presentation made at the ICT4D Conference by Abdelaziz Lawani

Drones have grown to be widely accepted in agriculture. Current evidence shows that UAVs are effective in evaluating land use, land cover, assessing the impacts of disasters, securing property rights and have great potential for increasing agricultural productivity.

At the last ICT4D 2018 Conference, Abdelaziz Lawani made a presentation on the use of drones in agriculture. An interesting focus of this presentation was; Does the adoption of UAVs or drones in agricultural practices make the farming activities more efficient or affordable?

To answer this question a field work was done on a farm in Benin where a comparative analysis was done on pesticides spray between a drone and a manual spray.The objective was to evaluate how effectively drones could replace/complement traditional farming systems.

The study found out that it was cost effective to use drones than human spraying of crops.

Download the presentation for more details ( see resources link to your left)

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