Extending the Benefits: Gender-Equitable, ICT-Enabled Agricultural Development


Extending the Benefits: Gender-Equitable, ICT-Enabled Agricultural Development

"Extending the Benefits: Gender-Equitable, ICT-Enabled Agricultural Development" is the title of Module 4 in the Revised ICT e-Sourcebook on ICTs in AgricultureThis module focuses on the benefits of ICTs when made available to men and women working in agriculture and rural areas.

The module examines the challenges that must be overcome and provides recommendations for rural communities to take full advanatges of ICTs.

The module begins by contextualising the issues of gender equality with the 2010 Agenda, it notes that on average about 43% of the agricultural labour force in developing countries are women. In 2015, the following factors were critical success factors in make ICTs available and accessible for rural communities:-

Seven Critical Factors for the Success of ICT in Agriculture

  1. Provide adapted and reliable content from trusted sources
  2. Develop capacities for three dimensions; the individual's capacity, organizational capacity, and the enabling environment.
  3. Mainstream gender and diversity.
  4. Increase access and participation
  5. Engage in partnerships, especially public-private.
  6. Identify the right mix of technologies.
  7. Ensure economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

The module then provides for;-

  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Introducing ICT-Based Solutions with a Gender Focus on Agricultural Projects
  • Reviews opportunities for inclusion
  • Provides examples of Gender sensitive projects in ICTs

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