Focus on the Blockchain for Agriculture


Focus on the Blockchain for Agriculture

There is a growing acceptance of blockchain use in food and agriculture. This comes as part of the growth of ICTs in the last decade and technology has promised to open many opportunities to overcome some of the challenges faced in agriculture. For example, technology can allow more inclusion, simplification of process within the agricultural systems, including on-farm and off-farm activities.  

In light of blockchains in agriculture, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) together with its partners have published three documents so far on blockchains. These publications are:

Of these three publications, the E-agriculture in action: Blockchain – demystify the technology and provide some insights on the opportunities and challenges for implementing blockchain-based technologies within agriculture.

Blockchains promise to be a disruptive technology and they have been applied in the following areas (list not exhaustive),

  • Overseeing farm inventory
  • Managing land records
  • Enhancing agricultural supply chains
  • Fair pricing
  • Mobile remittance for small farmers
  • AgTech LoT Optimization
  • Fair Pricing
  • Managing and modernizing farm management software

In order to learn more usecases for blockchains why not download and read the above mentioned publications.

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