Mdiet: The app of the Mediterranean Diet


Mdiet: The app of the Mediterranean Diet

Mdiet is an application designed for smartphones and tablets providing essential knowledge on the Mediterranean diet. What is the Mediterranean diet?, which kind of food does it include exactly?, what are its recipes? Mdiet provides an answer to all these questions.

The human right to access to food, established in 2000 by the Millennium Summit of the United Nations, goes through proper nutrition for good health. The Mediterranean Diet is an essential element to achieve these goals and that is why it was declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2010.

Photo Credits: Mdiet

The 300 type foods available in Mdiet are organized by categories (Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits, Legumes, Fish and Seafood, etc.). Every type of food has a photo, details and suggestions. The app also provides recommendations on non-communicable diseases such as gluten intolerance, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension, obesity, irritable bowel, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Another essential option of the app is the "My Diary" Function, which allows you to write down your daily food path and send it to a specialist for advice or suggestions.

The app is the result of the work of a group of bioethics experts, biologists, nutritionists and environmentalists. and has been implemented in partnership with the Maltese NGO Mactt (Mediterranean Academy of Culture, Tourism and Trade) and the Cultural Foundation “Paolo di Tarso”.

The app is freely downloadable at this link and is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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