Mrittikā: a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software


Mrittikā: a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software

mrittikā is a soil nutrient analysis and recommendation software. It works thanks the collaboration of agricultural entrepreneurs and farmers: the entrepreneurs offer soil testing services to the farmers, then analyse the results and finally recommend the best possible fertilizers to the farmers.
Farmers in developing countries do not have enough knowledge on the quality and quantity fertilizers for their land. This lack of knowledge also applies to the nutrient levels in their soil. Because of this, farmers end up applying inadequate proportions of fertilizers which eventually leads to poor harvests. mrittikā app helps farmers select the appropriate fertilizers in the correct quantity to enhance crop yield. The software also provides farmers with a soil test to determine the amount of nutrients in the soil.
Watch this introductory video on mrittikā:

Credits: Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd.

mrittikā offers farmers the knowledge not only on required nutrients for specific crops and soils and on fertilizer types and quantity, but also on local sources of fertilizers. mrittikā's ultimate goal is to provide farmers with expert advisory services on nutrient selection in order to maximize yield and improve the quality of the harvest. The simplified selection of fertilizers improves farmers livelihoods and productivity by reducing wastage and prevents them from using fertilizers in excess.
The mrittikā software is available for smartphones (Android) and PCs (Windows).

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