Ugandan scientists to digitise agriculture chain with new apps


Ugandan scientists to digitise agriculture chain with new apps

The Ugandan National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) has launched 3 mobile apps to facilitate access to information on agricultural research. The East African reports that Boniface Akuku, director for ICT at the Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization, helped Uganda develop the apps.

The applications launched are the Naro Beans, Naro Maize and Naro Cassava and all are available via Google Play store. The choice of the three crops - bean, maize and cassava is because these crops are major commodities, alongside coffee, tea, bananas and rice.

Besides the apps, an SMS platform was also launched which will facilitate farmers access to agricultural information.

Commenting on these development, the NARO Public Relations Officer said,"The US$100,000 investment in these online platforms will go a long way in easing access to agricultural research information by various stakeholders"

Meanwhile, Mr Akuku reitariated that “This information will be on a wide range on issues, including diseases, post-harvest handling, husbandry practices, technologies and innovations and other frequently asked questions,”

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Sources : The East African/Business Focus/Soft Power

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