WSIS Flash Issue No 57 : WSIS Open Consultation Process


WSIS Flash Issue No 57 : WSIS Open Consultation Process

ITU has published its recent newsletter, the WSIS Flash which focuses mainly on the WSIS Forum 2018. This Issue reviews the WSIS Forum 2018 Open Consultation Process, outlining the preparatory process. The WSIS Forum is a unique event of its kind where the programme and agenda are completely crowdsourced. The organizers of the process are ITU, UNESCO,UNCTAD and UNDP.

In this issue of their newsletter, one can read the following topics:-

  • WSIS Forum 2018: Contribute to the Open Consultation Process
  • WSIS Stocktaking Process: Call for New Entries and Regional Reports
  • WSIS Prizes 2018: New Call is Launched
  • UNGIS Members Calendar of Events
  • Become a sponsor of WSIS Forum 2018 and contribute to the WSIS Fund In Trust
  • EQUALS in Tech Awards
  • Online Open Consultation on the topic of "Bridging the Digital Gender Divide"
  • Follow and communicate with the WSIS Process

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