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NewsletterIssued on 20.12.2017
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Recent news on e-Agriculture

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Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) help improve agricultural productivity?

Individual agricultural activities on the farm takes effort, for example planting, maintaining and harvesting crops need money, energy, labour and resources. AI is promising to improve these activities and has been applied in agricultural robotics, soil and crop monitoring and predictive analysis. Three examples of artificial intelligence use in agriculture are shared - Blue River Technology's Weed Control; Harvest CROO Robotics - Crop Harvesting and PEAT's Plantix app

The possibility of Internet of Things (loT) for agriculture

This news item covers the usage of Internet of Things (loT) for agriculture.In agriculture loT applications include farm vehicle tracking, livestock monitoring, storage monitoring and other farm operations.The article explains with examples where this technology is applicable. For example, it references to the e-Agriculture webinar on Nano Ganesh which explained how a mobile based remote controller was used for water pump. Read the article here

Can blockchain improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers?

What is blockchain? How can it improve the livelihoods of small holder farmers? This item reviews blockchains - growing list of records, called blocks that are linked and secured using cryptography. While there is still little known practical examples on its use, this article reviews a recent debate on this from the ICT4Ag 2017 and provides more information, read it here 

WSIS Prize 2018

The ITU is calling for all those in the ICT4D to submit contributions to the WSIS Prize contest in 2018. All nominated projects for the WSIS Prizes 2018 will be published in the WSIS Stocktaking 2018 publications and promoted via our communication channels. Read more about the call here 

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