Posts on the topic "Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)"

Posts on the topic "Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR)"

  • Day 2: Desired scenarios for a future where data-driven agriculture is successfully adopted by smallholder farmers

    Data-driven agriculture is expected to increase agricultural production and productivity, help them adapt to/ or mitigate the effects of climate change, bring about more economic and efficient use of natural resources, reduce risk and improve resilience in farming, and make agri-food market chains much more efficient. This is in general the positive scenario envisioned for data-driven agriculture.

    More precisely, could you describe specific desired scenarios for a future where data-driven agriculture is adopted by smallholder farmers? What would success look like in practical terms?

  • Day 3: Long-term ethical, legal and policy changes needed to move from the current scenario to the desired scenarios

    What are the long-term ethical, legal and policy changes that need to happen to move from the current scenario towards the desired scenarios?


    • Ethical: what are the ethical questions we should make to contribute to increase food and nutrition security and better livelihoods of the poorest and most vulnerable farmers around the world by harnessing their access to and use of agricultural data? How should our mindset change in the long term about data rights? Should data rights be recognized as human rights? Should we still consider receiving a service in exchange for surrendering data an ethically acceptable business model?
    • Legal: what do you think are the best legal approaches to achieve the desired scenarios? How to recognize and implement farmers’ intellectual property rights over their data and traditional knowledge? How should the licensing scenario change?
    • Policy: what strategies and priority areas of intervention would you recommend at the policy level? Do you think there should be more governance and by whom? Do you think international agreements could help?
  • Day 4: Actions to be taken in 2018-2021 to ensure smallholder farmers benefit from agricultural data in the future

    Moving to the present and near future: what actions should be taken in 2018-2021 to ensure smallholder farmers benefit from agricultural data? Which actors would you expect to take specific roles?

    Example: if one of the policy changes identified is more institutional collaboration to improve the international, national and local governance of farmers’ data rights, which are the best ways and immediate steps to foster this now? Which actors should take these steps?

  • 'Data Driven Services for Farmer Led Business" Webinar by GFAR/CTA/GODAN

    GFAR/CTA/GODAN invites interested persons to a webinar "Data Driven Services for Farmer led Business" to be held on Thursday the 5th of April, 2018 This webinar is part of the work on farmers’ rights to data and following up on the face-to-face course on Farmers’ Access to Data organized in Centurion in November 2017, GFAR continues its collaboration with the Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition initiative (GODAN) and the Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperarion (CTA) on a series of webinars on data-driven agriculture, its opportunities and its challenges. More...
  • Highlights of the symposium on farmers’ access to data

    GFAR has just published the highlights of the farmer’s access to data symposium which was held in November 2017 in Centurion, South Africa. And as an outcome, a white paper on ‘ Digital and data-driven agriculture – enhancing use of data by smallholders ’ will soon be co-published by GFAR , GODAN and CTA . The symposium had three panels that ran all on the 24th of November 2017. The panel themes were, ' Data and Farmers ', ' Digital Agriculture - Challenges and Opportunities ' and ' Fair and Equitable open data ' which represented panel 1, 2 and 3, respectively. Panel Theme Video Panel 1 on “...
  • Webinar series on Farmers’ access to data

    GFAR recently announced a series of webinars on farmers' rights to data and this is a follow-up to the face-to-face course on Farmers Access to Data that was held in Centurion (Pretoria), South Africa in November 2017. According to the GFAR website ,the webinars will be co-convened together with GODAN and CTA and will be conducted by the very same trainers who so successfully handled the course in Centurion: Dan Berne, Stephen Kalyesubula, Nicolene Fourie and Anneliza Collett. The two webinars will be held on the 22 and 28 February at 4pm CET , and a recording of each respective webinar will...
  • International Symposium on Farmers' access to data

    On the 24th of November GFAR (Global Forum on Agricultural Research) has convened a syposium on farmers' rights and access to data in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is co-funded by GODAN and CTA and organized by ITOCA . In order to learn more about the event or to register for the event, click here . During the symposium different angels of data access and data ownership will be adressed, specifically focussing on smallholder farmers. The fulll programme of the day is not yet available, but the announcement of the symposium gives us already a previeuw of some of the keynote speakers:...
  • Blog Post30.05.2017

    Invitation to join the Workshop at WSIS Forum 2017 on eKrishok

    Dear Fellow Colleagues,

    Greetings from Bangladesh, Trust all are doing well.

    We are glad to share that BIID will host a session titled eKrishok: Making ICT Works for Agricultural Sector to Empower Farmers and Agro-SMEs during the WSIS Forum Meeting 2017 to be held during June 12-16, 2017 at Geneva, Switzerland and interested to invite experts from other countries and organization to share experiences or contribute as Expert in the session. The session will be held on June 12th at 11 am at Popov Room 1, ITU Tower.

    I like to invite you to join the session and contribute. Your contribution will enrich the session. If anyone interested to speak in the session as Panelist, please let us know at shahid.akbar@biid.org.bd 

    For details please follow this link

    See you soon.


    Shahid Uddin Akbar



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