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Looking ahead in world food and agriculture

Perspectives to 2050

Looking ahead in world food and agriculture: Perspectives to 2050
en 2009, le département de la FAO pour le développement économique et social a organisé un forum et une réunion d'experts de haut niveau sur « Comment nourrir le monde en 2050 ». Le présent volume fait suite à cette initiative, en réunissant les versions mises à jour des documents techniques préparés pour l'occasion, ainsi que de nouveaux travaux.

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Les exposés suivants ont été préparés pour la Réunion d'experts des 24-26 Juin 2009. Pour voir les présentations plus, visitez le site Web du Forum d'experts de haut niveau.


World food and agriculture to 2030/2050. Highlights and views from mid-2009.
Nikos Alexandratos

Investment in developing countries' food and agriculture: Assessing agricultural capital stocks and their impact on productivity.
Gustavo Anriquez, Hartwig de Haen, Oleg Nivyevskiy and Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel

The macroeconomic environment for agriculture and rural areas to develop over the next 50 years.
John Baffes, Dominique van der Mensbrugghe, Andrew Burns and Israel Osorio

Setting meaningful investment targets in agricultural R&D: Challenges, opportunities, and fiscal realities.
Nienke Beintema and Howard Elliott

Challenges and opportunities for African agriculture and food security. Higher agricultural prices, climate change, population growth and HIV and AIDS.
Hans Binswanger

The resource outlook to 2050. By how much do land, water use and crop yields need to increase by 2050?
Jelle Bruinsma

Drivers of investment in large-scale corporate farming.
Klaus Deininger and Derek Byerlee

Agrimonde. Scenarios and challenges for feeding the world in 2050.
Bruno Dorin, Patrick Caron and Bernard Hubert

Farm support policies that minimize global distortionary effects.
Aziz Elbehri and Alexander Sarris

How do climate change and bio-energy alter the long-term outlook for food, agriculture and resource availability?
Günther Fischer

Feeding the world in 2050: The challenge of raising yields.
Tony Fischer, Derek Byerlee and Greg Edmeades

International investments in agricultural production.
David Hallam

Poverty, growth and inequality over the next 50 years.
Ewan Hillebrand

Foreign direct investments and other forms of TNC participation in agricultural production: Trends and implications.
Hafiz Mirza and Anne Miroux

Agriculture in a dynamically-changing environment: IFPRI's long-term outlook for food and agriculture under new demands and added constraints.
Siwa Msangi and Mark Rosegrant

Investment requirements under new demands on agriculture due to bioenergy and climate change.
Siwa Msangi and Mark Rosegrant

World agricultural trade challenges to 2050 and requirements for evolving structure of new world trade rules compatible with food security in developing countries.
Alexander Sarris

Capital requirements of developing countries' agriculture to 2050.
Josef Schmidhuber, Jelle Bruinsma and Gerold Boedeker

Can smallholders deliver poverty reduction and food security for a rapidly growing population in Africa?
Steve Wiggins



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