Agrifood Economics

Activities by theme

The Agrifood Economics Division provides technical advice through a range of projects and programmes at country and headquarters level related to food security and policy analysis in agriculture and rural development.

Food security and resilience

FAO promotes improved food security analysis and policies through two interlinked thematic areas – policy-oriented food security information systems and evidence-based policy processes that engage a wide range of policy platforms.

Global dimensions of food security and nutrition

FAO assists countries transition to more sustainable food and agriculture systems by assessing global trends and supporting governance mechanisms related to food security and nutrition.

Sustainable markets, agribusinesses and rural transformations

FAO’s work towards addressing sustainable structural transformation of food systems and associated agribusiness transition includes smallholder farming systems, agribusinesses, value chains, agri-food policy analysis, and climate-smart investments.

Economic and policy analysis of climate change

FAO works with partners to support the transition to climate-smart agriculture by building evidence on the interactions between agricultural systems, climate change and food security.

Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture (EPIC)