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Livelihoods strategies and household resilience to food insecurity: An empirical analysis to Kenya

Luca Alinovi, Marco D’Errico, Erdgin Mane, Donato Romano [ 2011 ]
The way a household copes with and withstands economic shocks depends on the options available, in terms of capabilities, assets [...]
Adoption rates of improved or modern varieties (MV) of sorghum in eastern Ethiopia are generally low. Although these MV may [...]
Los Pagos por Servicios Ambientales (PSA) son uno de los muchos y diversos instrumentos que pueden complementar y favorecer un [...]

Food Price Volatility and the Right to Food

Right to Food Issues Brief 1
FAO [ 2011 ]
Volatility, in terms of significant and frequent changes in the direction and magnitude of food prices, results in harmful effects [...]

Rural household access to assets and markets: A cross-country comparison

Alberto Zezza, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis, Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Luca Tasciotti, Esteban Quiñones [ 2011 ]
The sluggish supply response in most developing countries to the apparently favourable agricultural market situation of the past few years [...]

Welfare impacts of maize–pigeonpea intensification in Tanzania

Mulubrhan Amare, Solomon Asfaw, Bekele Shiferaw [ 2011 ]
This article examines the driving forces behind farmers’ decisions to adopt improved pigeonpea and maize and estimates the causal impact [...]

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011

How does international price volatility affect domestic economies and food security?
FAO [ 2011 ]
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2011 highlights the differential impacts that the world food crisis of 2006-08 [...]

Land tenure, investments and the right to food

Issues Brief 2
FAO [ 2011 ]
The escalating rate of competition over natural resources has reached important levels. Data on leases and acquisitions of large tracts [...]

Safer street foods

FAO [ 2011 ]
A large part of the urban population in Bangladesh, particularly from the lower income groups, meets a substantial part of [...]
This sample spread sheet accompanies the simple price monitoring tool to assess monthly changes in food prices.