Agricultural Development Economics

Food security analysis and policy

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This policy brief is prepared based on the findings of the recently concluded food security related sectoral policy review work [...]
Safety net programmes have proved to be a useful instrument to tackle hunger and malnutrition in Bangladesh. However, insufficient co-ordination [...]
FAO’s Climate Impact Team has been developing an integrated toolbox to assess the impact of climate change on agriculture. The [...]
This report presents the findings of an International Data Management and GIS Consultant mission to Cambodia from 24 August to [...]

Measuring resilience – A concept note

E. Mane, L. Alinovi, D. Melvin [ 2010 ]
The resilience tool provides a framework for understanding the most effective combination of short and long term strategies for lifting [...]
The recent escalation of world food prices - particularly for cereals - prompted mass public indignation and demonstrations in many [...]
This report presents a review of data management and mapping tools used to improve informed decisionmaking in food security, and [...]
Urban agriculture may have a role to play in addressing urban food insecurity problems, which are bound to become increasingly [...]
Bangladesh has made significant progress in boosting national food production. However, a large part of the population still lacks access [...]

Validation of a measure of household hunger for cross-cultural use

Megan Deitchler, Terri Ballard, Anne Swindale, Jennifer Coates [ 2010 ]
The report analyzes the results of an evaluation of the internal, external and cross-cultural validity of the Household Food Insecurity [...]