Agricultural Development Economics

Long-term perspectives

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The future of food and agriculture – Alternative pathways to 2050

FAO Global Perspectives Studies team [ 2018 ]
This report explores three different scenarios for the future of food and agriculture, based on alternative trends for key drivers, [...]
The report sheds some light on the nature of the challenges that agriculture and food systems are facing now and [...]
This document provides a full description of FAO’s partial equilibrium modelling system known as GAPS. GAPS has been developed by [...]

Achieving Zero Hunger

The critical role of investments in social protection and agriculture
FAO, IFAD and WFP [ 2015 ]
This paper provides estimates of investment costs, both public and private, required to eliminate chronic dietary energy deficits, or to [...]

World agriculture towards 2030/2050: the 2012 revision

ESA Working Paper 12-03
Nikos Alexandratos and Jelle Bruinsma [ 2012 ]
Current UN projections indicate that world population could increase by 2.25 billion people from today’s levels, reaching 9.15 billion by [...]
Fuelled by the turbulence of world agricultural markets, the debate on relations among agriculture, food security, natural resources, population growth [...]

Patterns of rural development: a cross-country comparison using microeconomic data

Paul Winters, Timothy Essam, Benjamin Davis, Alberto Zezza, Calogero Carletto, Kostas Stamoulis [ 2008 ]
This article proposes a general pattern of rural development in which rises in per capita income are associated with a [...]

World agriculture towards 2030/2050

Interim Report. Prospects for food, nutrition, agriculture and major commodity groups
FAO [ 2007 ]
This is an updated version, with extension of projections to 2050, of two of the key chapters (Chapters 2 and [...]
World agriculture: towards 2015/2030 is FAO’s latest assessment of the long-term outlook for the world’s food supplies, nutrition and agriculture. [...]