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Diversification under climate variability as part of a CSA strategy in rural Zambia

Aslihan Arslan, Romina Cavatassi, Federica Alfani, Nancy Mccarthy, Leslie Lipper & Misael Kokwe [ 2017 ]
Climate change is posing an increasingly severe challenge to agricultural livelihoods due to increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather [...]
This paper describes the benefits and costs of managing food price instability in the context of promoting economic growth and [...]
Adoption rates of improved or modern varieties (MV) of sorghum in eastern Ethiopia are generally low. Although these MV may [...]
Los Pagos por Servicios Ambientales (PSA) son uno de los muchos y diversos instrumentos que pueden complementar y favorecer un [...]

Rural household access to assets and markets: A cross-country comparison

Alberto Zezza, Paul Winters, Benjamin Davis, Gero Carletto, Katia Covarrubias, Luca Tasciotti, Esteban Quiñones [ 2011 ]
The sluggish supply response in most developing countries to the apparently favourable agricultural market situation of the past few years [...]

Welfare impacts of maize–pigeonpea intensification in Tanzania

Mulubrhan Amare, Solomon Asfaw, Bekele Shiferaw [ 2011 ]
This article examines the driving forces behind farmers’ decisions to adopt improved pigeonpea and maize and estimates the causal impact [...]

Gender and migration from Albania

G. Stecklov, G. Carletto, C. Azzarri, B. Davis [ 2010 ]
This article examines the dynamics and causes of the shift in the gender composition of migration, and more particularly, in [...]
Urban agriculture may have a role to play in addressing urban food insecurity problems, which are bound to become increasingly [...]

Patterns of rural development: A cross-country comparison using microeconomic data

P. Winters, T. Essam, B. Davis, A. Zezza, G. Carletto, K. Stamoulis [ 2010 ]
This article proposes a general pattern of rural development in which increases in per capita income are associated with a [...]

The vanishing farms?

The impact of international migration on Albanian family farming
Miluka, Carletto, Davis, Zezza [ 2010 ]
This paper investigates the impact of international migration on technical efficiency, resource allocation and income from agricultural production of family [...]
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