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Access to seed of locally adapted crops - both landraces and improved varieties - is crucial for farmers to maintain [...]

Indigenous peoples’ food systems for health : Finding interventions that work

Kuhnlein H, Erasmus B, Creed-Kanashiro H, Englberger L, Okeke C, Turner N, Allen L, Bhattacharjee L. [ 2008 ]
This is a short report of a 'safari' held in conjunction with the International Congress of Nutrition in September 2005, [...]

Conflict and food security in Beni-Lubero

Timothy Raeymaekers [ 2006 ]
This study has its origin in discussions about the analysis and practice of food security in protracted conflicts (de Waal, 1997; Flores, [...]
One primary use of EWS information is to produce national cereal balance sheets that include an estimate of aggregate food [...]
Since February 2004, FAO, through the Food Security Analysis Unit (FSAU) Somalia, has been developing the Integrated Food Security and [...]

Food Security

FAO [ 2006 ]
The widely accepted World Food Summit (1996) definition reinforces the multidimensional nature of food security and includes food access, availability, [...]
Humanitarian reform is an issue at the centre of the UN policy agenda; Donors and international agencies are working together [...]
This study addresses issues central to the mandate of the Global Donor Platform, drawing on experiences from across the developing [...]
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