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Eradicating extreme poverty and hunger: towards a coherent policy agenda

ESA Working Paper 06-01
ESA Working Papers
Prabhu Pingali, Kostas Stamoulis, Randy Stringer  [ 2006 ]
Alleviating hunger and poverty has been and continues to be the pre-dominant policy challenge facing global and national decision makers. [...]

Agricultural policy and food security in Liberia

ESA Working Paper 05-11
ESA Working Papers
James Tefft [ 2005 ]
Improving access to food through broad-based participation in income-generating activities in key agricultural supply chains, together with the development of [...]

Measuring food security using respondents' perception of food consumption adequacy

ESA Working Paper 05-10
ESA Working Papers
Mauro Migotto, Benjamin Davis, Calogero Carletto, Kathleen Beegle [ 2005 ]
Food security is a complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon. As such, its measurement may entail and benefit from the combination of [...]

From the green revolution to the gene revolution: how will the poor fare?

ESA Working Paper 05-09
ESA Working Papers
Prabhu Pingali, Terri Raney [ 2005 ]
The past four decades have seen two waves of agricultural technology development and diffusion to developing countries. The first wave was [...]

Commercializing small farms: reducing transaction cost

ESA Working Paper 05-08
ESA Working Papers
Prabhu Pingali, Yasmeen Khwaja, Madelon Meijer [ 2005 ]
Broad changes are taking place in agrifood systems worldwide. These changes are driven by economic development, increase in per caput [...]

Tomorrow's hunger: a framework for analysing vulnerability to food insecurity

ESA Working Paper 05-07
ESA Working Papers
Christian Romer Løvendal and Marco Knowles [ 2005 ]
While traditional food security analysis offers an ex post view on who the food insecure are and why they are [...]

Measuring technical efficiency of wheat farmers in Egypt

ESA Working Paper 05-06
ESA Working Papers
André Croppenstedt  [ 2005 ]
Liberalization of Egyptian agricultural policy and new wheat technology has led to significant increases in area allocated to wheat as [...]

Food aid: a primer

ESA Working Paper 05-05
ESA Working Papers
Sarah Lowder, Terri Raney [ 2005 ]
As an introduction to food aid this paper reviews various definitions of food aid and terminology used by practitioners and [...]

Transaction costs, institutions and smallholder market integration: potato producers in Peru

ESA Working Paper 05-04
ESA Working Papers
Irini Maltsoglou, Aysen Tanyeri-Abur [ 2005 ]
The paper analyses the impacts of transaction costs on the degree of household market integration using survey data collected from [...]

Familiar faces, familiar places: the role of family networks and previous experience for Albanian migrants

ESA Working Paper 05-03
ESA Working Papers
Calogero Carletto, Benjamin Davis, Marco Stampini [ 2005 ]
Using data from the 2003 Albania Panel Survey, the paper sets out to achieve two main objectives. First, we fully characterize [...]