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Welfare impacts of climate shocks: evidence from Tanzania

ESA Working Paper 16-04
ESA Working Papers
FAO [ 2016 ]
Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) remains the world’s most food-insecure region characterized by high levels of child mortality and poverty and low [...]
Food security in Tanzania is projected to deteriorate as a result of climate change. In spite of the Government’s efforts [...]
This paper provides fresh empirical evidence on the adaptation process to face climate changes through the analysis of original cross-sectional [...]

A dynamic analysis of resilience in Uganda

ESA Working Paper 16-01
ESA Working Papers
FAO [ 2016 ]
Resilience is, nowadays, one of the keywords in the policy debate on development. Measuring resilience and how it varies over time [...]
The agricultural sector of Asian middle-income countries is changing rapidly in line with an overall structural transformation of the economy [...]

Can budget support to the cotton sector be used more efficiently? An assessment of the policy support measures in Mali and Burkina Faso

ESA Working Paper 15-03
ESA Working Papers
Hélène Gourichon, Bouréma Kone, Barthélémy Lanos and Alban Mas Aparisi [ 2015 ]
In Burkina Faso and Mali, cotton is the most important cash crop, given its high contribution to the GDP and [...]

Livelihood diversification and vulnerability to poverty in rural Malawi

ESA Working Paper 15-02
ESA Working Papers
Solomon Asfaw, Nancy McCarthy, Adriana Paolantonio, Romina Cavatassi, Mulubrhan Amare and Leslie Lipper [ 2015 ]
Climate variability, associated with farm-income variability, is recognized as one of the main drivers of livelihood diversification strategies in developing [...]

An in-depth review of the evolution of integrated public policies to strength family farms in Brazil

ESA Working Paper 15-01
ESA Working Papers
Del Grossi, M.E. and Marques, V.P.M. de A [ 2015 ]
From 2003, the Zero Hunger Program and subsequently, in 2011, the Brazil Without Poverty Plan, marked a deliberate convergence of [...]

Food security and adaptation impacts of potential climate smart agricultural practices in Zambia

ESA Working Paper 14-13
ESA Working Papers
Aslihan Arslan, Nancy McCarthy, Leslie Lipper, Solomon Asfaw, Andrea Cattaneo1 and Misael Kokwe [ 2014 ]
This paper analyzes how a set of widely promoted agricultural practices, including reduced tillage, crop rotations, legume intercropping as well [...]

Food security impact of agricultural technology adoption under climate change: micro-evidence from Niger

ESA Working Paper 14-12
ESA Working Papers
Solomon Asfaw, Federica Di Battista and Leslie Lipper  [ 2014 ]
We assess farmers' incentives and the conditioning factors that hinder or promote adoption of agricultural technologies under climate risk and [...]