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Identifying the family farm. An informal discussion of the concepts and definitions

ESA Working Paper 14-10
ESA Working Papers
Elisabeth Garner and Ana Paula de la O Campos [ 2014 ]
The definition of family farm varies across countries and contexts. We reviewed 36 definitions and uses of the term “family [...]

The challenges of managing agricultural price and production risks in sub-Saharan Africa

ESA Working Paper 14-09
ESA Working Papers
L. Antonaci, M. Demeke and A. Vezzani [ 2014 ]
Agricultural production is prone to several risks which affect both producers and consumers. In order to enhance investment and achieve [...]

Climate variability, adaptation strategies and food security in Malawi

ESA Working Paper 14-08
ESA Working Papers
Solomon Asfaw, Nancy McCarthy, Leslie Lipper, Aslihan Arslan, Andrea Cattaneo and Mutie Kachulu [ 2014 ]
This paper assesses farmers’ incentives and conditioning factors that hinder or promote adaptation strategies and evaluates its impact on crop [...]

Testing for bubbles in agricultural commodity markets

ESA Working Paper 14-07
ESA Working Papers
Francisco J. Areal, Kelvin G. Balcombe and George Rapsomanikis [ 2014 ]
Food price volatility spells have fuelled the debate about the reliability of world markets as a source of food. At [...]

Contributing to the eradication of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition: lessons from Bangladesh

ESA Working Paper 14-06
ESA Working Papers
Marie Jo A. Cortijo  [ 2014 ]
This paper assesses Bangladesh’s progress towards eradicating hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition, and how the National Food Policy Capacity Strengthening [...]
The agricultural economics literature provides various estimates of the number of farms and small farms in the world. This paper [...]
We examine the nature of relationship between prices of crude oil, ethanol and grains (maize, wheat and rice). Our working [...]

Climate-Smart Agriculture? A review of current practice of agroforestry and conservation agriculture in Malawi and Zambia

ESA Working Paper 13-07
ESA Working Papers
David Kaczan, Aslihan Arslan and Leslie Lipper [ 2013 ]
Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa must undergo significant productivity improvements to meet the combined challenges of population growth and climate change. [...]

Food system strategies for preventing micronutrient malnutrition

ESA Working Paper 13-06
ESA Working Papers
Dennis D. Millera and Ross M. Welcha [ 2013 ]
Micronutrients are defined as substances in foods that are essential for human health and are required in small amounts. They [...]

Food value chain transformations in developing countries - Selected hypotheses on nutritional implications

ESA Working Paper 13-05
ESA Working Papers
Miguel I. Gómez and Katie D. Ricketts [ 2013 ]
We examine how the transformation of food value chains (FVCs) influence the triple malnutrition burden (undernourishment, micronutrient deficiencies and over-nutrition) [...]