Agricultural Development Economics


Agripreneurship across Africa
Stories of inspiration
FAO (C. Walker, C. Fowler, A. del Rio Poza, N. Mhlanga and D. Neven, eds.)
Publication date
This publication aims to inspire budding entrepreneurs in Africa to consider business opportunities in agriculture and agro-industry, broadly defined. It is intended to be a promotional tool, as a sort of call to arms, particularly for women and youth. It also aims to serve as an educational tool and knowledge product in business schools and entrepreneurship incubator programmes for case study-based learning on operating an agribusiness or agro-industry enterprise in Africa. The publication offers guidance to agripreneurs on how to overcome or avoid potential pitfalls and learn from the paths set out by the 12 agripreneurs, whose stories reflect real-life experiences of agribusiness development in Africa. It should be seen as a collection of resources on agripreneurship, focused on these four topical areas: scale, women, youth, and challenging environments, while providing guiding advice for agripreneurs and policy-makers. In addition to educating entrepreneurs, it is important to highlight the fundamental role of policy-makers in shaping the enabling environment for agripreneurship. In this context, the publication aims to provide concrete policy recommendations on how to improve the enabling environment for agripreneurship, based on the advice of the 12 agripreneurs featured here. The aim is to guide policy-makers to improve these targeted areas, and inspire them to do so by providing accounts of successful agripreneurs who have built businesses with positive economic, social and environmental impacts on national development.