Agricultural Development Economics


Food, agriculture and rural development: Current and emerging issues for economic analysis and policy research (CUREMIS)
Kostas G. Stamoulis
Publication date
This publication contains four in-depth reviews on current and emerging issues in the economic analysis of food, agriculture and rural development, written by well-known scholars in the field. The selection of the issues for in-depth review was the result of a survey conducted among FAO staff involved in policy assistance activities in the main developing regions. Thus, the choice reflects their and, by extension, the policy-makers' perception as to the main research priorities in the economic analysis of agriculture, rural development, poverty and food security. A synthesis of the survey results is included as a chapter. The four in-depth reviews concern: (i) new trends in development thinking and implications for agriculture and rural development (by Simon Maxwell and Robin Heber Percy); (ii) causes, characteristics and alleviation strategies for rural poverty, with particular emphasis on Latin America (by Alberto Valdés and Johan A. Mistiaen); (iii) institutions, reform and agricultural performance (by Pranab Bardhan); and (iv) migration and poverty issues (by J. Edward Taylor).