Regional Basic Administrator Training for GCC Countries (Gulf Cooperation Council)

26 – 30 January 2014, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

National Bureau of Statistics of the United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) will organize the Regional Training Workshop for the Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.



Practical Exercise: Preparation of tables (using CountrySTAT templates for National Core) to input and format data


pdf Creating tables and inserting Metadata in CountrySTAT


CountrySTAT Partnerships - The Way Forward in the GCC-FAO Partnership on Statistics 







Mr Paul N’Goma-Kimbatsa, CountrySTAT Team Leader:

1. Introduction - Training objectives 

2. Statistics component - Concepts, Definitions, Classification, Data  Harmonization


United Arab Emirates National Bureau of Statistics:

Core Role for National Statistical System


Ms Stone, Country Project Officer:


Yann Laurent, CountrySTAT IT specialist:

1. Statistics component - Introduction

2. Statistics component


Fabio Grita, System support officer, Statistics Division, FAO:

CountrySTAT/FENIX - System Overview