CountrySTAT's vision

CountrySTAT aims to make high-quality statistics widely available on food and agriculture in an effort to support the global need to reduce extreme poverty and hunger.

The longer-term objective for CountrySTAT is to achieve global coverage. CountrySTAT is currently seeking additional partners and donors to help reach its full potential, serving countries on all continents and creating a reliable source of international data on food and agriculture.

Our mission

We offer an effective programme for handling interconnected statistical information and visual indicators on food and agriculture. Data is made available for subnational, national and international levels. This system enables researchers, policymakers and the private sector to design and implement better policy and investments in agriculture.

Principal aims

  • Reinforce national statistical capacities by providing methodology, classification and coding system to support the collection, standardization and harmonization of data coming from various local sources.
  • Promote partnerships between the main data statistical institutions providing data within countries.
  • Assist countries in integrating and organizing national data in order to make them comparable at international level.
  • Facilitate the analysis of data for supply utilization accounts and food balance sheets.
  • Help countries disseminate data through communication and information tools at national and subnational levels.