EAC/FAO Basic Training Workshop of CountrySTAT

Dar Es Salaam, Republic of Tanzania 5-9 March 2012

The objective of the workshop is to provide to national and regional staff of Burundi and EAC HQ a basic training on the CountrySTAT System, in particular:

1. Overview of the CountrySTAT System;
2. Presentation of the statistics module of CountrySTAT: Concepts, Definitions, Classifications, Structure of data tables, Process of the collection, harmonization and validation statistical data in accordance with the international standards;
3. Presentation of the IT module of CountrySTAT (Background and PX-Publisher);
4. Presentation of the Communication and media module of CountrySTAT;
5. Administration of the statistical tables in the CountrySTAT System (Presentation of the complete cycle of publication/download of a file PX);
6. Presentation of statistical Metadata;
7. Administration of the site: Update of the page ''About”, ''CountrySTAT News'' and ''Key Indicators'';
8. Discussion on the country Work Plan 2011/2012.