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Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN)

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The Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN) coordinates FAO’s work on nutrition, to protect, promote and improve nutrition-sensitive food systems, as the sustainable solution to hunger and malnutrition.

Focusing on the distinctive relationship between agriculture and nutrition, the Nutrition and Food Systems Division ensures that agricultural development is people-centred and leads to the improved access, availability and consumption of foods for better nutrition.

The functions of the Nutrition and Food Systems Division are performed through the Office of the Director and technical Teams working on nutrition policies and programmes, nutrition assessment and  nutrition education . Following the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), held in Rome in November 2014, the Director liaises with all  technical Teams, outposted staff in regions and countries, as well as with partner organisations, in particular the World Health Organization (WHO), to oversee the ICN2 follow-up activities framed in the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition 2016-2025.

N.B. the Division is currently being restructured, following the broadening of it's mandate to food systems issues.

Office of the Director

Contact: Ms Anna LARTEY, Director

Nutrition policies and programmes

The Team works on nutrition policies and programmes and provides support for the mainstreaming of nutrition through multisectorial policies and programmes, and provides guidance and training tools for decision-makers.

Contact: Ms Jessica Fanzo, Team Leader

Nutrition education and consumer protection

The Team works on professional training for nutrition education, school food and nutrition, food-based dietary guidelinesconsumer awareness, food composition and biodiversity.

Contact: Ms Fatima HACHEM, Team Leader

Nutrition assessment and scientific advice

The Team works on nutrition assessment, provision of recommendations on human nutrition requirements and scientific advice, food consumption data.

Contact: Mr Warren T K Lee, Team Leader