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The desert locust invasion in Somalia has significantly affected the...
05 August 2021
In mid-April 2021, Lebanon faced an unexpected desert locust incursion,...
24 May 2021
Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, Syrian farmers...
21 May 2021


23countries, home to 1 billion people, affected by the current upsurge
351million USD requested for FAO's rapid response and anticipatory action
1km2 swarm can eat the same food as 35 000 people in one day
5.3million hectares treated since the start of the upsurge


Uganda – Food security and livelihoods in areas affected by desert locusts, September 2020
This report outlines the results of a household survey carried out in August–September 2020 to ...
26 August2021
Desert Locust Bulletin - n.514
General situation during July 2021 and Forecast until mid-September 2021.  
03 August2021
Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen 2_Screenshot 2021-09-17 at 12.37.35.png Desert locust crisis appeal, January 2020–December 2021
A desert locust upsurge is still underway in the Greater Horn of Africa and the ...
06 July2021
Desert locust upsurge DL progress report -1.jpg Progress report on the response in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen (January-April 2021)
The fight against desert locust in the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen has been ...
09 June2021

Rapid response and anticipatory action

1. Curb the spread of desert locust

Budget required USD 195 million

    Continuous surveillance
    Ground and aerial control
    Impact assessments and environment, health and safety

Budget required USD 142 million

    Farming re-engagement packages
    Livestock-based livelihoods packages

2. Safeguard livelihoods and promote early recovery
3. Coordination

Budget required USD 14 million

    Deploy rapid surge support
    Facilitate regional partnerships and collaboration
    Regional advocacy and national-level coordination
    Strengthen regional and national capacity and enhance preparedness

Download the Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen | Desert locust crisis appeal January 2020 – June 2021


USD 351 million covering Greater Horn of Africa and Yemen, West Africa and the Sahel, Southwest Asia

in million USD (since January 2020)