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With this year's main planting season winding down in Ethiopia, there...
12 August 2016
With only a few weeks before land preparation begins for...
28 July 2016
Ethiopia’s pastoral lowlands are bisected by a number of major...
27 July 2016


“El Niño” event in Viet Nam: Agriculture, food security and livelihood need assessment in response to drought and salt water intrusion
Against the backdrop of the worst drought in Viet Nam in 90 years - attributed ...
23 August2016
La Niña: Early Warning - Early Action analysis for a potential La Niña in 2016–2017 UPDATE #2
The publication will consolidate, from the different sources available, a synthetic analysis on La Niña ...
16 August2016
Southern Africa El Niño Response Plan (2016/17)
The El Niño phenomenon poses a global threat to the agricultural livelihoods of millions of people. In ...
10 August2016
Southern Africa - El Niño Response Plan 2016/17 (Short version)
In Southern Africa, the effects of the 2015/16 El Niño event continue to devastate the ...
26 July2016

60M people now in need of assistance

Source: WFP


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