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Family farming lex

Coordinated Programme of Economic and Social Development Policies (2017-2024).

The implementation of this policy will be monitored directly by the Office of the President through the Minister for Monitoring and Evaluation. ...


Agricultural transformation and food and nutrition security in Ghana: Does farm production diversity (still) matter for household dietary diversity?

Africa south of the Sahara experienced an acceleration of economic growth in recent years that was accompanied by structural changes in national economies. Some African countries, such as Ghana, managed to utilize rapid growth for poverty reduction and improving food and nutrition security. Transformation of agriculture appears to have played...


Groundswell International

Non-governmental organization
Groundswell International in West Africa is a network of national NGOs engaged in field work to scale out agroecology to small scale family farmers, and to advocate for changes in policy to create a favorable policy environment for a transition to agroecology. The founders of Groundswell International have worked for decades...