Family Farming Knowledge Platform

Gaza Urban & Peri-urban Agriculture Platform GUPAP

Type of Organization: Civil society
Areas of work: Agricultural and rural legislation, Food chains, Social protection and rural development, Small family farmers, Stakeholders
Region: Near East
Country: Gaza Strip
The GUPAP was launched in 2013, fulfilling the need for a multi-stakeholder, interactive and participatory forum that brings together all key actors involved in the development of a resilient Palestinian urban agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip. The GUPAP’s vision is aligned with a broader vision of supporting a more resilient agricultural sector that seeks to contribute to Gaza being more food secure, less dependent and vulnerable, and with its population having improved access to sustainable jobs and income, improved livelihoods and a safer environment. The GUPAP will facilitate the coordination, networking and organization of urban agriculture actors (for improving agricultural production, joint processing and marketing, for building consumer trust and for better service provision) and of policy and institutional actors (to work on a more enabling framework for the urban agriculture sector as well as improved access to productive resources).