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IISUMOD-International Institute for Sustainable Mountain Development IISUMOD

Type of Organization: Non-governmental organization
Areas of work: Mountain farming
Region: rome
Country: Italy
The International Institute for Sustainable Mountain Development (IISUMOD) is a nature conservation and development association established on November 15, 2017 in Rome, Italy, as a response to the need to create awareness about the role and importance of mountains and the issues affecting their people, environment and resources. The primary objective of IISUMOD is to offer opportunities for solutions by promoting research and development action of an economically and environmentally friendly mountain ecosystem to secure a better future for the mountain people, their environment and resources by enhancing livelihood, food and ecological security that ultimately promotes human rights and security in a framework of sustainable mountain development worldwide. IISUMOD will focuses on exploration, economic utilization, conservation and management of mountain resources based on past human experiences, activities and their achievements so far. It also focuses on human development inclusive of education, health, and livelihood by mainstreaming gender, empowering women and taking care of children’s issues. IISUMOD intends to support and promote a global process of decentralization, whereby local, regional and international stakeholders can assume greater responsibilities and find their rightful way in the stages of deliberation and decision making for sustainable mountain development globally. IISUMOD endeavors to promote research contributing to Sustainable Mountain Development, in a research area that connects and shares ideas, innovations and experiences of world’s mountain ranges from the Alps to the Himalayas, from the Andes to the Rockies, and from the Atlas to the Great Dividing Mountains. MAJOR PLANNED ACTIVITIES 1. IMOAM-International Mountain Organic Agriculture Movement: To Create and establish the global mountain network on IMOAM-International Mountain Organic Agriculture Movement to be built upon the experience of the IISUMOD globally. 2. International Course on MOA-Mountain Organic Agriculture: Government officials, technicians and experts working in the conservation and development of mountain regions develop further their knowledge during the annual three months course known as IMOAM – International Mountain Organic Agriculture Movement. Each year since 2019, different topics on MOA will be planned to better face the challenges of nutrition and food insecurity, unsustainable agriculture, biodiversity losses and climate change. IISUMOD Secretariat will work with the collaborating partners to hold the course in Rome, Italy.Favour the setting up of a research laboratory to develop projects aimed at saving biodiversity products in danger of extinction; 3. Support, promote and encourage local, regional, national and international networking of people's initiatives and the activities of international, regional and local non-governmental organizations working on mountain research and development and help support those organizations in the exchange of information and experience; 4. Promote and support training and extension programmes especially among local mountain communities and other stakeholders in order to promote the sustainable mountain development agendas at different scales. Offer scholarships/fellowships at national and international levels particularly for candidates from indigenous mountain populations; 5. Undertake environmental education for farmers, in particular for women, to help the rural population better understand the ecological issues regarding the sustainable development of mountain ecosystems.