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Платформа знаний о семейных фермерских хозяйствах


Сеть ПЗСФХ объединяет между собой ключевых действующих лиц страны или региона, помогая им обсуждать темы, представляющие взаимный интерес, что может послужить основой для установления партнерства и взаимодействия между ее участниками.

Хотите присоединиться к сети ПЗСФХ?

Присоединяясь к сети ПЗСФХ, участники обеспечивают своим организациям/ассоциациям/кооперативам возможность быть представленными на международном уровне благодаря Платформе знаний о семейных фермерских хозяйствах. Желающим присоединиться к сети ПЗСФХ необходимо представить указанную ниже информацию.

Регистрация открыта для всех

Информация об участниках сети ПЗСФХ предоставляется самими участниками. ФАО не несет ответственности за ее точность и за любое использование этой информации пользователями.

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International Organization
Eclosio is the NGO of the University of Liège in Belgium. It is the result of the merger between the NGOs Aide au Développement Gembloux (ADG) and UniverSud-Liège. Eclosio works with 87 partners, 81 collaboratos, 45 volunteers and many donors and contributors in 6 countries in 4 continents. Eclosio strengthens...

Armenian Women For health and Healthy Environment

Non-governmental organization
The mission of AWHHE is to explore the issues of environment pollution in Armenia, to advocate the human right to live in a healthy environment, to promote the reduction of health risks from environmental pollution and hazards, including climate change, support the organic farming and the usage of safe alternatives...

Sustainable Agriculture Support Foundation

Farmers' organization
Founded in 2018 to address the challenges in agriculture food chain by training farmers on modern methods farming, conservation tillage, value addition and tree planting

National Coordination of Farmer Organisation - Mali

Farmers' organization
CNOP is a socio-professional confederation uniting the various farmers' federations of Mali. It was created in 2002. Its general objective is to enable farmers' organizations in Mali to contribute to the definition of a clear vision of Malian agriculture and a coherent agricultural policy centered on family farming. CNOP is...


Farmers' organization
AGRICULTURAL TOURISM – AGRI TOURISM The state of Maharashtra is the pioneer state to develop and promote Agri Tourism in the country. AGRI TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION incorporated in 2005 and owns the pilot Agri tourism project of 28 acres in Palshiwadi, tal Baramati Dist Pune , 70 kms from...

Associazione Culturale Punti di Vista

Civil society
The organization promotes action research and dissemination of information in several fields of sustainable and inclusive development, notably: sustainable and resilient food systems, environment protection, gender equality, climate justice, agroecology and small scale bioregional food system, waste reduction and circular economy

Farmers Trend

Farmer’s Trend is an online agricultural portal which provides a platform for farmers to get information and advice on farming skills as well as innovative ideas on food sustainability. The portal has many sources which guide the farmers on the farming skills related to various forms of agriculture. https://farmerstrend.co.ke/ provides...

Facilitation Association of Economy for Cooperatives

Farmers' organization
FAEC is national farmer organization federation in Camnodia that working closely with sub-national farmer organizations (including farmer associations and agriculture cooperatives) in building their capacities and coordination for access to finance and markets. FAEC works to strengthen and promote the voices of farmers to be reached the policymakers and decisionmakers...

Société Coopérative Simplifiée pour le Développement des Communautés produisant du manioc

SCOOPS-DED est une Société Coopérative qui lutte contre la pauvrété et l'insécurité alimentaire dans la Région de l'EST-Cameroun par la production et la transformation du manioc

Lilongwe Society for the Protection and Care of Animals

Non-governmental organization
LSPCA is an established veterinary and animal welfare organisation. Our programme remit includes animal health and welfare, training and education, policy and legislation.

fundacion indigena zenu de bellavista

La Fundación Indígena de Bellavista es una Entidad sin ánimo de lucro; nace como resultado del interés de un grupo particular de residentes del cabildo con el objetivo de  crear programas y alianzas con diferentes entidades privadas y públicas, tanto en el plano nacional como internacional, con el objetivo de reafirmar...

Agriculteurs du Mono

Organisation des Membres pour l'agriculture familiale et la Foresterie. Lutte contre les produits chimiques Ventes groupées, et Mécanisation pour réduire la pénibilité des travaux.

University of Kent

Teaching and research, applied consultancy
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Société Cooperative Defi Cafe Cacao/Vivrier+Oyeye

Dénommée SOCIETE COOPERATIVE DEFI CAFE CACAO/VIVRIER+OYEYE en abrégé «DCCV+OYEYESCOOPS » Siège social loukoukro s/p D’oumé Pour une durée de 99 ans ayant pour Objet : −Directement ou indirectement sur toute l’étendue du territoire national Ivoirien et dans l’espace OHADA, la production, le stockage et la commercialisation de produits agricoles. −Elle...
Côte d'Ivoire

Rad Environmental and Climatic Protection Foundation

Non-governmental organization
Renaclip Foundation is a non- governmental organization that’s involved in climate change, environmental researches, entrepreneurship,agriculture, sustainable development, youth and community development

Institut Africain pour le Développement Economique et Social - Agri-Service-Centre Africain de Formation

Non-governmental organization
Inades-Formation Burkina est une structure d’accompagnement des initiatives de développement des populations défavorisées créé en 1975. Inades-Formation Burkina est aujourd’hui intégré au réseau international Inades Formation implanté dans dix pays africains : Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, RDC, Rwanda, Tanzanie, Tchad et Togo. Elle a pour mission de "Travailler...
Burkina Faso

Development Organization for Agricultural Production of Haitian Farmers

Farmers' organization
Historicity and Presentation Today, alongside the socio-political crises that are disrupting the world, there are three (3) major problems: Hunger, Climate Change and the Depletion of Natural Resources. Haiti remains a country hitherto agricultural. Despite the accelerated urbanization in recent years and the strong emigration to the Dominican Republic, and in...

Demelo campo agricola experimental

Civil society
Las actividades de Demelo son: investigacion, cursos, capacitaciones, desarrollo de huertos familiares, urbanos, escolares y comunitarios.

Rural Reconstruction Foundation

Non-governmental organization
Rural Reconstruction Foundation is a Voluntary Development Organisation established in 1982, aiming at socio-economic emancipation of the underprivileged/marginalized part of the society, especially the marginalized farmers of the rural areas in Bangladesh. Currently the are more than 28 ongoing projects/programmes among which: (1) Education; (2) Awareness Creation; (3) Training;...

Dhamma Impressions Private Limited

Farmer Field School
Major objective of Dhamma Impressions is to provide platform for sharing knowledge related to each and every discipline that affects human life. ITinAg (इतिनाग) ITinAg is an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled Information System for Agro-ecological Applications. Presently Dhamma Impressions is working on this project to support farmers with...
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