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FAO Awards

The FAO Awards honour outstanding contributions to global food security by recognizing persons, institutions or countries who are working hard to achieve the global Zero Hunger goal by 2030.

Individuals, institutions and organizations who have made outstanding achievements in fighting hunger all feature among winners of the FAO Conference awards. Today they are the champions of the Zero Hunger Generation - the first generation with the capacity to end hunger and make food and nutrition security truly universal. The awards were established on the basis of resolutions during the FAO Conference, the organization’s highest governing body. 

National ministries from Angola and the Dominican Republic, the International Organization for Migration, Rabobank, and the Commission for the Conservation of Artic Marine Living Resources were among those honoured by FAO today for their work on pressing issues of food security and sustainable development.In a ceremony held today during FAO's governing Conference, ten organizations and individuals received awards - and thanks - from the agency's Director-General, Jose Graziano da Silva.

Based on a shared vision of promoting world food security for all, the UN’s Rome-based Agencies - FAO, IFAD and WFP - work together, both at global and country level, to maximize results and support countries in fighting hunger, malnutrition and poverty in a sustainable way. The Rome-based agency award celebrates country teams that go above and beyond the call of duty.  It recognises teams who think outside the box and harness their collaborative advantage to help countries move closer to the global Zero Hunger goal.  Teams who reduce hunger more effectively and efficiently and provide better solutions than any one agency can achieve alone.