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Training of 20 professors from Pwani University as Master Trainers (Kenya)

25/01/2019 25/07/2019

For a whole season, 20 faculty staff of the Pwani University will receive a training to be certified as FS Mastrer Trainers (MTs). This training of Master Trainers is part of the project "Institutionalization of Field Schools (FS) in Extension Curricula of Institutions of Higher Learning in Eastern Africa".

The project's objective is to contribute to increased inclusiveness, participation and ownership of agricultural knowledge generation and dissemination among farmers. For that, a critical mass of faculty staff members in selected Institution of Higher Learning will acquire the knowledge and skills to integrate/deliver FS curricula in respective academic programme.

Currently, Pwani University is in the last stages of institutionalization with regards to building the capacity of the faculty staff in the FS methodology. The faculty staff have been trained in a Training of Trainers as FS facilitators, giving them the FS fundamentals on the methodology. Now, they must undertake the last phase of training, which is season long, more hands-on and practically oriented. This training will transform the faculty staff who are FS facilitators into FS Master Trainers (MTs), giving them the abilities needed to start delivering the FS curriculum at the different academic levels and short courses. 

These last steps are a key priority for Pwani University and need due attention, bearing in mind that Pwani staff have pursued the FS facilitator trainings and are ready to proceed with training to qualify them as FS MTs to enable them deliver the FS curriculum at Pwani University. This process at Pwani University will also provide vital lessons for other IHLs in the sub-region, and offer a learning opportunity for other IHLs wishing to undertake similar initiatives (e.g. to refine and update their FS institutionalization pathway).


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