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Central Africa

In managing the FAW outbreak, pesticides can be harmful, particularly to the environment as they affect non-targeted organisms, like bees. Though often overlooked, there are other, more natural approaches which have proven effective, such as push-pull and other intercropping technologies,...

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FAO is organizing two sub-regional training workshops on Farmer Field Schools (FFS) for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of Fall Army Worm (FAW).

One workshop will be held in Yaoundé, Cameroun from the 9th to 15th of April and involve...

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En Avril 2016, le Ministre de l’Agriculture de Sao Tome et Principe avait saisi le Bureau Sous-régional de la FAO pour l’Afrique Centrale (SFC) à propos d’une infestation par un insecte qui faisait beaucoup de dégâts sur la culture de...

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The coming 21-25th July 2017, a workshop will be held in Accra, Ghana in order to develop a Farmer Field School curriculum on the ecological management of the Fall armyworm (FAW), Spodoptera Frugiperda, J.E. Smith. Indeed, after a first appearance in...

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Bamako, Mali.
Un atelier régional des Champs-Écoles des Producteurs (CEP) d’Afrique de l’Ouest et Centrale a été organisé par la FAO à Bamako du 13 au 15 juin 2017. La rencontre a réuni des participants provenant de 13 pays et...

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