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With support from FAO, the Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) programme in Andhra Pradesh is strengthening its use of non-formal education approaches and their application to ZBNF in particular on soils, initially in the Guntur district.

FAO and its partners have...

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The project  “Natural landscapes rehabilitation and Climate Change Adaptation in the region of Mumirwa in Bujumbura and Mayor of Bujumbura through a Farmer Field School approach” will be elaborated by the FAO over the coming 12 months. Project activities will...

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Cebu, Philippines, 5-9 June 2017

A Refresher Training of Trainers on Soil Health in Rice-based Farming Systems was held in Cebu City, Philippines on 5-9 June 2017. A total of 25 participants (12 women) participated in the workshop.

The second of a...

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Dans un contexte de forte densité de population et de dégradation de la fertilité des sols, l’agriculture de la région des Savanes au Togo s’appuie sur une utilisation croissante d’engrais et pesticides chimiques dont la qualité et l’origine ne sont...

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According to FAO, roughly 2,000 farmers in Tanzania were able to save as many tons of carbon as getting nearly 175,000 cars of the road for a year. How? By using conservation agriculture—and planting more diverse crops, like...

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