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IFIF and FAO strengthen collaboration at 16th annual meeting

09/10/2017, IFIF
At their 16th annual Meeting, IFIF and FAO further strengthened their long-standing collaboration to ensure safe, nutritious and sustainable feed and food.

IFIF elects new Chairman and Board of Directors for 2018-2019

06/10/2017, IFIF
Delegates at IFIF’s 30th Annual General Assembly elect new Chairman and Board of Directors for 2018-2019 term.

AllAboutFeed - Webinar: Reducing antibiotics in animal diets

29/09/2017, AllAboutFeed
Antibiotic reduction in livestock is probably one of the hottest topics today. Join us for a new great All About Feed webinar, dedicated to this topic, on 12 October. It is a great opportunity to ask your questions directly to

IFIF Global Animal Nutrition Programme Feed Safety Training held in Tanzania

10/07/2017, IFIF
IFIF successfully launched its Global Animal Nutrition Programme feed safety training in Tanzania to increase safety and feed quality at the production level.

Vietnam farmers questioned about aflatoxin awareness

03/07/2017, AllAboutFeed
People in Southern Vietnam are more aware of the presence and danger of Aflatoxins B1 in food and feed than people in the Northern areas of the country. Also gender and education affects the knowledge about aflatoxins.  This was concluded from

EU AMR action plan: animal nutrition is part of the solution

29/06/2017, FEFAC
FEFAC, representing the EU compound feed and premix industry, welcomes the publication of the new EU AMR Action Plan with its three pillars: i) Making the EU a best-practice region, ii) Boosting research, development & innovation and iii) Shaping the

ICCF - International Cooperation for Convergence of Technical Requirements for the Assessment of Feed Ingredients launched

01/06/2017, IFIF
Regulatory authorities and feed and feed ingredient associations from Canada, the European Union and the United States launched ICCF to develop and establish common guidance that covers technical requirements for the assessment of new feed ingredients, including new uses of

Experts tackle problem of antibiotics in the food chain

19/05/2017, FAO
Experts from across the globe, as well as FAO and the Russian Federation, attended the two-day International Conference on “Food Safety and Risk Analysis”. 

International Feed Regulators Meeting. Getting together for better feed and better food.

The International Feed Regulators Meeting is an annual event, organized jointly by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Feed Industry Federation (IFIF) since 2007.Feed safety and security, animal health and welfare, and environmental,

Feed safety and antimicrobial resistance under the spotlight at the 10th IFRM

Feed safety and antimicrobial resistance get central stage at the yearly, long-established get together of feed regulators and industry representatives from around the world. A record number of participants from 35 different countries, joined the 10th International Feed Regulators Meeting
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