Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Restoration of Degraded Lands


To support activities to launch dynamics both at national and landscape levels for implementation of Forest and Landscape Restoration initiatives and as catalyst to leverage additional funds from both bilateral and multilateral donors.

Major results

• Facilitated a multi stakeholder’s process to define needs and opportunities for Forest and Landscape Restoration (FLR) and carry out institutional mapping of key FLR players.

• Prepared and implemented national FLR action plan or large-scale programmes after an integrated land-use planning exercise in selected pilot areas.

• Identified FLR pilot projects in selected pilot areas with relevant national stakeholders in each country.

• Compiled, reviewed and organized information about past and ongoing FLR programmes

• Established and operated a platform for knowledge sharing on the FLR programmes

• Promoted network, supported partnerships and enhanced governance for FLR efforts 

• Supported capacity development of relevant stakeholders with special attention on gender balance.

• Supported the monitoring of FLR efforts contributing to national and international obligations, commitments and processes  

• Supported development and/or adaptation of tools and guidelines to analyse, evaluate and track results/efforts on FLR

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