Mecanismo para Bosques y Fincas

Participation of the FFF at the resource partner consultation of the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism

The Forest and Farm Facility participated in the resource partner consultation of the Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM) held in FAO HQ on Friday 29 November 2019. In the context of the UN reform, where flexible and less earmarked funding is encouraged by the new Funding Compact, the FMM becomes a central funding device in support of FAO’s strategic programmes. The FMM is FAO’s global instrument for receiving and managing pooled flexible by leveraging, catalyzing initiatives to achieve transformative impacts. It offers a more programmatic approach, streamlined and efficient governance, improved resource allocation and reporting procedures, with particular emphasis on value for money.

After an introduction of FAO Director-General and remarks from FMM Executive Committee Members, several FMM supported projects were invited to showcase how their results are transforming lives, leveraging resources, expanding partnerships and fostering innovations.

FFF benefited from FMM funding during Phase 1 to support activities in Bolivia, Guatemala, Kenya, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Zambia. Jeffrey Campbell, FFF Manager, explained how FMM funding was crucial to demonstrate impact and leverage resources. A large number of forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) representing more than 30 million forest and farm producers was reached, and their income increased. FMM funding through FFF has also helped producer organizations leverage policy changes and funding from government. FFF Manager presented on going FFF Phase 2 (2018-2022) on Climate Resilient Landscapes and Improved Livelihoods. FFF is looking forward to continue the collaboration with FMM in order to expand the number of countries that expressed interest in FFF support.