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Re: The future of food security and climate change in Zambia

Suman Jain
Suman JainUniversity of ZambiaZambia

1.Main drivers of development in Zambia in the next 30 years

- Stable political situation

-national policies formulation and implementation to enhance agricultural productivity

-transparency in land and natural resources utilization and management

-  quality education and vocation training  to national needs

-  increasing participation of Zambians in decesion making processes in key industries such as minerals

-government policsies and availability of funds to support SMEs


- growing rate of urbanization

- very high student teacher ratio causing atleast 30% drop out rate at every level of education leading to unemployment among youths

- lack of finance to boost agriculture, promote education and research

- devastating impacts of climate change on agriculture, hydro power generation, living beings

2.  Scenarios for Zambia

All four scenarios are plausible although following changes should be considered in descriptions.

There has been an awareness in the country to fight corruption so to say irresponsive institutions does not look appropriate. We can say weak institutions which  lack  resources to implement policies and are not able to provide basic services to rising population.

4. Key steps to get a change and who needs to be involved

Promote agriculture and local industry for production of consumers goods.

Educate the society to participate in development.