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Re: Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

Subhash Mehta
Subhash MehtaDevarao Shivaram TrustIndia

First let me wish you good health and happiness during 2016 and hope that the extraordinary effort being made by FAO (FSN) during 2015 to put in place 'Sustainable low cost low risk systems (Agro ecology) in the long term and farmer producer orgs/ company on top of the table and ensure their access to nutritious food at little or no cost, will hugely reduce the subsidy burden and contributing hugely to growth and development of the developping world.

An important step towards achieving the above is creating capacity among school children and college students by introducing this subject as part of their curriculum, thus ensuring that only those who are really interested apply for admission in Agriculture colleges, not because they are unable to get admission elsewhere, as is in most cases.
Prof Dr Amar Nayak has developped a curriculum for colleges/ universities, attached.

Here are links to courses for schools with a brief write up by Nyla Coelho, the author of the curriculum.
Our Land Our Life - An educational programme for children in India
Nyla Coelho,,
is the curriculum framework for an educational programme for children with specific emphasis on farming and farm related activities. It’s design provides a hands on approach to learning both academic and farm related topics. The document was prepared by the Organic Farming Association of India, Taleemnet and the Natural Farming Institute with other collaborators to serve the needs of the rural and the farming communities of India. Although the emphasis is on the above, others too, specially home schooling children and alternative schools will find the document useful. The programme is the outcome of a yearlong research based on inputs from pioneer educators, organic farmers and academicians from across the country.
Download PDF

Also links to workbooks prepared by The Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi, with the same title as our book. These work books are teacher guides as well as student workbooks that can be used for teaching in India with modification/adaptation as applicable to the local soil and agro climatic conditions.

Our Land, Our Life, 6-8 class workbooks in English currently running in Government Schools of Uttarakhand
Our Land, Our Life, 6-8 class workbooks in English VI to X class

Tending a Schoolyard Garden: Nyla Coelho, is a teacher handbook that attempts to encourage educators to use available land for school gardens . Written in an easy to follow style with step-by-step instructions and plenty of illustrations, it offers teachers the necessary wherewithal as well as the confidence that it is doable. This book is the outcome of field tests of the Our Land Our Life curriculum (see above). Download PDF:
For print copies of Our Land Our Life and Tending a Schoolyard Garden, write to:[email protected]

Warm regards

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