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Re: Harnessing the benefits of ecosystem services for effective ecological intensification in agriculture

Florence Macherez
Florence MacherezAnimal Task Force, European Public Private PlatformBelgium

We would suggest to refer to "Integrated crop and livestock systems in Western Europe and South America: A review", European Journal of Agronomy, Jean-Louis Peyraud, Miguel Taboada, Luc Delaby, Fed. 2014

- in particular, section "4. Possibilites for reconnecting livestock and crop production: prospects, limitations and the need for innovation", showing that mixed-farming systems can potentially achieve high level of production, conserve natural and non renewable resources, attenuate the greenhouse effect, produce ecosystem services, and halt biodiversity loss through integration of crop and animal production and ecological engineering."

- and section "3.2. The case of territories specialized in intentive crop production", showing that the disappearance of livestock and associated grassland is generally accompanied by a reduction in ecosystem services.

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