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Re: Urbanization, Rural Transformation and Implications for Food Security - Online consultation on the background document to the CFS Forum

Cités Unies France
Cités Unies FranceCités Unies FranceFrance

Within the global consultation on Habitat III - The third conference on sustainable habitat - french local governments have been consulted to express their priorities for the New Urban Agenda.

However, as territories, their impact and areas of action go beyond the mere urban area, and local governements have insisted on the connexion between cities, periurban area and rural area. Their role is also to ensure the governance of territories through the coordination of the different level of organiza

Therefore we wish to share this consultation as a contribution for the forum on "Urbanization and transformation and implication for food security", as thinking about the evolution of the interaction within a local territory, necessarely implies a reflexion on localized food system, and how the rural area has to be in tune with urban area to secure local food. 


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