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Re: How can we protect pollinators and promote their role in environmental and agricultural practices?

Vethaiya BALASUBRAMANIANFreelance ConsultantIndia

Populations of pollinating insects including honeybees is threatened by monocropping and use of intensive agricultural practices including rampant application of pesticides. A good example is the almond farms in California that require increasing import of pollinator honey bees from outside for proper pollination of almond flowers. What can be done to improve on on-farm biodiversity and to enhance the multiplication pollinator insects including honeybees? Allowing broad-leaf weeds and leguminous plants to grow in field boundaries; growing wild flowers in areas adjacent to crop fields; adoption of diversified cropping -- rotation of crops, intercropping, incorporation of trees in farms like in agroforestry systems; leaving live natural vegetation strips or hedge rows of shrubs and trees along the contour in large farms will all help in increasing diversity in farms and support the growth and development of pollinators and natural enemies of crop pests. Ecological intensification through conservation agriculture is the way forward to intensify food production and to enhance farm biodiversity.