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Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

John Ede
John EdeOhaha Family FoundationNigeria

In rural communities in Nigeria, security of lives and property is critical to agricultural production so that if the people are safe to go to their farms and produce food items, they can consume and sale off the excesses while also saving some for the next season's production. Failure to provide a safe production environment, people are not able to farm, leading to food shortage, hunger, and a decline into extreme poverty. 

Working with rural people in Nigeria who feed themselves from the food they produce and also make the excesses available for sale so that the proceeds from such sale can help meet their domestic needs. And a good number of people in Waring communities are suffering and are going to suffer poverty, because of food production declines, and how can they escape extreme poverty when farming is all they know and do? 

Painfully, crises destroy the natural resources, but if we can work more on building peace among communities and ethnic groups in Nigeria, where they need each other farmers need herders for natural manures, and herders need the farmers for nutritious crops and feed for their animals. 

I know that the government of Nigeria has developed policies to help with agricultural practices, but the main concern is translations into practice, unfortunately, most of these policies will not work, because they were developed by experts design from academic knowledge as against field experiences, and real time updated needs of the people and not by the people. To make is truely worth practicing, we need to make the people design what works for them, and have the people lead the process.

In Northern Nigeria where you have different kinds of crisis, terrorism in the NE, cattle rustling in NW and farmers/herders clashes in the NC, these concerns attack the main food production region of the country, and sadly, hunger and extreme poverty looms, and we need to take urgent steps to save the people and the region from extreme poverty NOW.